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Any teacher will tell you of the daily dilemna they face trying to help the slow student without holding up the whole class. Often a student fails to grasp a key fact and a feeling of reeling or mild panic then prevails, as they get left behind. By finding and filling in these missing pieces of the learning gradient in that subject you can make the whole subject understandable again.  

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I charge £20 to £30 per hour, depending on the subject, plus a travelling surcharge if I feel it warranted. Lesser or greater periods, or multiple students, are by negotiation. Payment is by cash, cheque or most credit cards.
The really bright student needs special treatment, and this is often not recognised in the classroom, and this can wreck a child’s school career. Extra tuition tailored to challenge and develop the abilities of that child can be life-changing for them.


I am very flexible regarding the scheduling of lessons. I will meet your requirements whenever possible. (I require 24hrs notice of a cancellation)
Often a student will pass a word that is not understood in class, and this can blank out a whole lesson, especially if it is a key word for that subject. I routinely check a student for this and clear up any as needed. Results can be spectacular.
Quite often it will be found that a student will not know of what use to them a particular subject is, if any, and by clearing this up with examples, they will approach it with a new vigour.
Pity the poor student who simply cannot keep up in class. The world becomes a dreadful place, sometimes bringing punishments plus mockery from classmates. Parents often fail to understand the problem, as the student will not discuss it. This is where I come in. A careful assessment plus a tailored program of tutoring, and suddenly they start to suceed and even shine in class.
The more they get told they have it, the more they believe it! However some research on the internet will reveal that many who “had it” now don’t. The real test of  a student of any age is - can they study and then apply what they have learned.

The missed gradient

Key words must be understood

Why study that subject at all?

The Bright Student

The Unhappy Student

About Dyslexia

Sometimes, heaven forbid, certain drugs are prescribed for a child with an “attention span problem”. I believe any such problems are simply due to one or more of the things mentioned on this page. And these solutions work!

No Drugs Please!

And of course, real life experience of using a studied subject or language out in the world will bring it to life for a student. Too often this is not possible in the classroom, but a simple assignment can work wonders.

Out in the real world